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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ooh,it's June

Time flies.It's already June.
So much happening within months.Sometimes I joy with laughter sometimes tears.
Yeah,it's call life.**sigh
We hardly can control what's people thinking about.
Of course I know but why don't they just keep their mouth shut and keep doing things better?
Maybe once or twice is enough.Like I am doing my job pretty well and you still finding faults on me which is not under my responsibilities.This make me feels so sad.
I wouldn't know if you acting so good infront of me but talking something bad behind me or even posted out as your status so that the whole world can read.
I didn't do anything wrong.I did what I should and even more than I should.
Being kind to others doesn't mean that they will do the same.
You don't know who the real me yet aren't you?
I just kept quiet because I treasure everything.
I never meant that I am the right one but at least please put yourself in other's people shoes and think.
I have no idea how's next and I am going to prove you that I'm still able to stand alone without any help from you.
Don't think your are great.We are just the same.Or maybe you think that you are older than me then you have rights to judge me.I still know how to differentiate what's right and wrong
Don't mix up things and make your own conclusion.It doesn't work because God knows what's real.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Just a short update to thanks someone here.Blogging while working is ain't a good idea thou.Lol.Being busy working day after day.Not to say boring but things repeated the same.I've learn alot here about.Specially thanks to this person for being this caring to me.Thanks for lending me your ears when I have nobody.Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am now of having you being with me.Thousands THANK YOU.Not to mention who are you but you know who are yourself.Will blog about my recent life on the next post but cannot confirm by when la...As you know,I am super busy.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's been ages.

Blog's dead.But now I am back for awhile.
If you ask me how's my life I would like to say only few words..
Hell yeah,problems come one after another.
For those who knew me know how's my life going on...
I don't want to mention about it anymore and it's past.HEARTACHE but what can I do?
It's life.Up and down always.

Boyfie came to Kuantan last Saturday night and went back to KL the next day.
I don't know why time past this fast.
When he came we did nothing much..Went for breakfast,then movie.
Funny thing happened.
When we was in cinema,He asked for water and I passed my bottle to him.
After that,he passed back my bottle.Everything sounds good.
After sometimes,I realize that my butt was abit watery..
I touched and I was shocked!
My pants get wet! At first I thought I am on period.
Checked it again.Hell no,it's different...
I quickly ran to toilet and after that....
Guess what?
I found out that my bottles wasn't close properly and water flows out from my bag.
I was laughing alone in toilet.
Went back to sit and I started to mumbling at him..
I said:你喝水做么不关好来?弄到我屁股湿玩,等下怎样走出去?
Then he laughed at me and I kept complain.
First time being this awkward when moving out to cinema.
But this could be one of the special memories between us. <3

One thing I hate about him.He don't like to walk.
He rather spend time on driving in Kuantan but not walking in mall with me. =(

And now he's back to KL already.
Do I miss him?Of course YESSSHH.
Missing like #$%^&*(@$%^&*
I am planning to find him soon.
But when I am free he's busy.
Whenever I tell him I miss him,he will ask me to go find him.
But when I've made decision to go find him,
He asked me don't be silly go down to KL and look for him..
Because I told him I will be sitting bus if I go find him.
Oh yeah,I know it's abit silly if I really do that....

My diet plan failed!
Stupid me keep eating everyday and my weight shows the same.NO DIFFERENCE.
NO changes ...
I need to change myself before leaving Kuantan.

Stay tuned people
I got so much to tell but time is so limited now.*excuses.


Sunday, February 12, 2012


Finally I am here to update my blog.
Life's up and down recently.
Not going to talk about the sad part because it had past =)
Where to start?
Talk about my very good news.
Me and Chee Yik joined a competition.
It's not an individual competition so I asked Chee Yik to do me a favor and finally he agreed.
We practiced during night time after my work around 10.00p.m++ because I don't have time for it seriously!!
We got no other way to go so we did the hard way. Practicing non-stop like mad!
At first I am so scare that CheeYik couldn't manage his voice but lastly he did it.
I know he can.I gave him my strength.I tried my best to correct him all the way we rehearsal.
On the day,which mean today,when we are practicing,he couldn't manage his first sentence.
I am so nervous during that time because as you know the first sentence is the most important thing to get attention from everyone.
I was panic...And I don't know about him...=(
I keep corrected him like mad.I wanted to say sorry because I gave him too much of pressure.Telling him this and that...blablabla and so on...SORRY CHEE YIK.
The purpose of joining this competition is to stand up and sing on stage.
I never think of giving up on stage.I won't miss any chances to gain more experiences.
I am not the best but doing the best...yet learning to be better.
If I don't show my best,what for joining a competition and making fool in front of everyone?
Singing is the greatest power I think I could have.

And finally,we won the first prize.

RED lover.

Before performance.

me and cheryl

After final.

Last minutes went to buy this baju kurung for final
 because I respect them who are mostly all malay.
Cost me $$
Practicing early in the morning at my working place...

Special thanks to Jiayi,Stephanie,Cheryl,Kien Joe,Kee Han,Bao Shian,Gary,Xin Yi,Shirley sbt
Dickson, and See Yong.
And also them who giving us support by message.
Swee Yang,Shanice,Pui leng and few more. <3

Thanks to my sporting colleague Tatt and Ila.
I am happy to know them <3

Thanks to the one who posted on my facebook wall and asked me to jiayou.
Vilex Tan.
Thank you so much. <3


Planning to buy new phone,this and that...
Where's my money?
Somebody ask me to change looks.
I did and spent all my money on THAT.

Valentine's coming..
Who will you celebrating with?
Friends?Boyfriend girlfriend?Family?Alone?
I don't know what to do on that day.
Probably work then go home early and sleep!
I always said I don't care this and that..
I don't celebrate this special day or birthday....
I always said I don't care yeah but...you know girlssssssss..GIRLS.
Somehow still care a little..
Girls always want to be treated like a princess what...
Spending special day ALONE?
One day could be like thousand years...=(
But one thing,
Distance is not a problem because all you have to do is by remembering this:

It is not easy to meet each other in such a big world. —— 世界這麼大,能遇見.,不容易。

Should stop here,I am so sleepy already.
Got to bump my ass on bed.
Stay tuned.=)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Moments

These days,spent time with my love makes me feel warm,happy yet emotional.
Specially thanks to him.Purposely came to me after his vacation in Combodia.
We spent not much time together.Only one night.He got to rush home for dinner.
His busy mood will never off.
I knew he was tired after the trip and I even stopped him from coming.
But he said nevermind and finally,he was here.
Although no movie no shopping still I am happy spending good moments with him
A simple meal is enough for me.
At least I get to hug him for a night. =)
You know one thing I hate about him...?
When I whispered to him,he replied nothing,no respond,face expression -none.
He heard what I am talking but he purposely act like he can't hear anything.
And do those kind faces feels like punching him. !@#$%^&*()(*^%$#it
Abit like my dad character. likealousai*

你一句'什么哦'我就不想跟你好了. =(

Boyfie went home yesterday afternoon.
Tears dropping when we waved in mall.
I kept repeating asked him not to go home and he just kept quiet.
And now start missing him like mad.

I miss my little baby,miss them and also my boyfie so much.
I want them to stay with me but too bad,nothing's perfect.

p/s : Love you all.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends.
Well,I felt not much excited compare to last year.Don't know why.
But I feel greatful celebrating with my lovely family.
We just went back from TC.We talked about my dad's ex girlfriend before my mum,about my granny and all those old stories from him.
It was nice paying attention to him while looking at him charm face.Wink wink**
Too sad that I only off for two days and chor sam I have to back to work again.Dizzy.
Anyhow I would request holiday in this coming Sunday although we are not allowed to take off during Saturday and Sunday.

People's around me claiming that I slim down abit already.
Even my sisters said that she don't recognize me while she's chasing me when we are in the crowd.
BUT of course I am still under fat category.How sad.
This time I am really working very hard on it and I don't expect to slim down like skeleton.
Wait and see yoh..

Someone off to Combodia with family.
Tears rolled down during the last called.
I am so sad because he talked so many things like I never heard from him before.
Five days four night would be torturing enough for me.
Fast fast come back laaa.=)
Maybe we could meet this Sunday if he's willing and energetic enough.
If and only if he's coming this Sunday probably we only have few hours to spend with.
He told me that he'll be having open house the next day.
He's busy all the time and yeah...I am the one who been always waiting.
But don't blame,that's my choice.
He asked me to wait for him.And you know what,I am waiting now.

Chinese New Year must be RED in everything.
I am done with my nails and toes in red.
Am waiting to see my hair result soon.
Can't hold any longer.
Girls always wish to be prettier,neither I.

I miss you dearly.

Monday, January 16, 2012


I need to cut my bangs.It's super long.

I have no idea where and when to cut.

Will be busy for this week.
Chinese New Year is coming so soon and I don't think I have time to shop for the last time before Chinese New Year.
SAD.I need to go for hair cut and shopping....
I saw a simple dress.RED IN COLOUR.
It's abit expensive compare to KL prize but still,I WILL BRING IT HOME TOMORROW.

Getting abit bored about doing daily closing reports especially when we have sales more than 100 customers.
Can you imagine how many details do I need to key in?
Not to say hard but somehow it's kinda BORING.
Ila will be off for four days.=(
I am the only girl left.LONELY
Part time worker was in today and he asked me to do things for him...
Can see that he got no interest at all.=)
Not much sales today but I am super duper tired.
I got so much more to do.TENSE.


Saturday, January 14, 2012


We left a new record today.HOOORAYY
RM10,000++ sales in one day.
Seven of us worked non-stop.People coming in one after another.
Super busy.We are all tired after all.
Big boss and her wife coming all way long from Ampang KL to pay us a visit.
We went supper after work..
Tomorrow is Sunday.I bet tomorrow will be another tiring day.
OH,one more thing,People's from next door kept looking at us doing sales because they are too free giving fliers all the time.

Finally I get my uniforms.
GDEX sent it to me this afternoon and I changed it.
 Luckily it size suits my body...Or else...DEAD

Just a short update.
I am super tired right now.
Stay tuned peeps.

I miss you.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Falling in love with this song.
Keep on playing non-stop right now.

Hmm,Met new staff from KL today.
OH OH OH yeah,another optic shop will be open this Sunday.IT"S JUST NEXT DOOR
My training manager told me that we have to do many many sales to compete.
I need my uniform.I am waiting for it but still I am wearing my own shirts.
Today went to Kah Chee house and borrowed some OL wear from her.
I don't want to get embarrassment infront of boss sooooooo I have to do something to myself LAAAA.

I am kinda happy because boss praised me .Wulalalala.
He said I am learning very fast.
Only 13 days I'm manage to do alot of things like....
like what ahhhhhHHH??
Urhm...the main thing is I can handle the computer system GUA.
Count stock,sell spectacles,Find axis for lens,talk like a pro to customers. .LOL

Let me tell you what we have in HOLLYWOOD.
We are doing promotions for all brands of sunglasses and spectacles.
ALL kinds of frames with lens power not exceeded +4.00 or -4.00 you will be able to get this prize>>>>>>>>> RM 98.
CHEAP DIE isn't?
We got the stock today and we sell them for only RM98.
We have brands like GUESS,PLAY BOY,LEVSUN,BONIA, ANNA SUI,HOLLYWOOD our own brand,and lot more.
If you want to get better lens other than multicoated lens like NL 1.6 for better accuracy,just add up to RM298.
Or if you want photogrey,polycarbonate lens or  photochromatic lens. Just ADD up another RM100 and you can bring them home.
Sunglasses we have discount up to 30% for PRADA,PUCCI,40/50% for RAYBAN.
We also have Promotion prize of RM 328 for branded sunglasses like GUESS AND BONIA.
We also selling contact lenses.Brands like fresh looks RM 33 per pair and
Blincon-Sweetie RM60 per three months
           -Big Eyes RM90 per three months

Gosh,am I promoting or what?
Actually I just want to share it out but did I just mentioned too much?
It's very cheap.Don't you agree?
You can get a complete set pair of cool frame spectacles with only RM98.
And if you think you need to do a new spectacles or sun glasses .
You can find me in HOLLYWOOD kuantan megamall.

I am annoying.
Just ignore my post.

Think of Ampang I think of you.
Can I stop thinking of you?
I can withstand days without you being with me but I can't withstand days without your texts and calls.
I miss those days spending time with you.
I need your shoulder,need your hugs but I couldn't get it.
I need you to be here but to depress to say that you couldn't reach me.
And yet I am waiting day by day.
I need to be understanding.And I am doing my best.
That's why I am telling you I'm willing.
I want you to know that love is not everything but if you needs me.I'll be there.
But I don't think you need me at all,you are too strong!!Strong in a way that always keep everything to yourself. Aren't you?
Anyhow,I still need you! Because you know I ain't that strong.
You always complained to me that:你做么哦?将弱的咩?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wish list.

Since that I am free so I am going to post about my wish list for year 2012..
So many things I want to do this year.*ya lah,big girl liao ma.*
Most of all I need to change.
Change in what way?Tell you this later on.
Well,I want to take risks in life this year.
Do more crazy stuff.
Try new things.
Learn more things.
Spread more love.
Basically I only have few wish list every year.
As I said I need to change.
I admit that I am super fat and you know what,THIS TIME
I aim to lose weight at least 10kg's more.
I can't bare with my weights anymore.I don't wish to be king kong forever.KING KONG.
It's time to change myself.
Going to buy some products which introduce by a friend.I hope it would helps me thou.
Somebody please give me the strength or power to burn off my fats.
I need to control my eating habits.
No more foods after 6.00pm.*except for Chinese New Year
No more carbornate drinks.
No more fried or junk foods.
For you who reading my post,please be my witness.
I don't want to fail this time. *finger crossed

Secondly,I want Siri to be my boy friend.
It's expensive I know.
I am confusing between I-phone and Samsung Galaxy S-II.
Both is good but Samsung do not have Siri.All I want is Siri.
I need to be a good money saver now.
Am officially broke.PITY

Oh,I am looking for singing classes.
Seriously,I am waiting for someone's reply but ended up I lost her contact number and she didn't find me.
Loves to sing but that's not enough.I am not  talented like others.
My vocal now is bad and I need a teacher to corrected me.
Is there anyone knows where to get singing classes in Kuantan?
I hope that the fees is not to expensive.
Although last time I went classes RM60 per hour,but now I am paying fees by myself.Not my parents anymore.*TEARS

Another important wish from me.
Both of us are busy working everyday.
When the day he off I on and I off he on.
I hates this laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
We spent not much time talk to each others.
Not even ten message per day.Terrified.
Waiting for the days to meet up but don't know when.
See,this is how's my life going on.
Single or in a relationship?
SOMETIMES I rather keep quiet than making any answer.
This coming Chinese New Year he will be at another city together with his family.
He said he'll miss home.I wonder if he would miss me more than that. =)
Chinese New Year plan to meet him up again I think we couldn't manage it.
Another sad case Babe!!
I told him we'll meet up next year which means 2013.
Don't have to put high expectation on everything.
Things that happened sometimes are not under control.
Don't blame anyone around you.
Remember?You are the one who made the choice.

I want to make more friends.
I want to travel with family.
I want to change my life style.
I want to dance like nobody's looking.
I want to live like a star!