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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ooh,it's June

Time flies.It's already June.
So much happening within months.Sometimes I joy with laughter sometimes tears.
Yeah,it's call life.**sigh
We hardly can control what's people thinking about.
Of course I know but why don't they just keep their mouth shut and keep doing things better?
Maybe once or twice is enough.Like I am doing my job pretty well and you still finding faults on me which is not under my responsibilities.This make me feels so sad.
I wouldn't know if you acting so good infront of me but talking something bad behind me or even posted out as your status so that the whole world can read.
I didn't do anything wrong.I did what I should and even more than I should.
Being kind to others doesn't mean that they will do the same.
You don't know who the real me yet aren't you?
I just kept quiet because I treasure everything.
I never meant that I am the right one but at least please put yourself in other's people shoes and think.
I have no idea how's next and I am going to prove you that I'm still able to stand alone without any help from you.
Don't think your are great.We are just the same.Or maybe you think that you are older than me then you have rights to judge me.I still know how to differentiate what's right and wrong
Don't mix up things and make your own conclusion.It doesn't work because God knows what's real.

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